Wintel is about Quality Telephones, Handsets and Recordings

If the voice quality of your phones is poor, contact Wintel. If your call recordings are of poor quality, consider Wintel. If inmates easily break handsets, consider Wintel.

Wintel manufactures the highest quality inmate telephones, handsets, visitation kits, visitation phones, private speakerphones, cord free phones, and associated replacement parts for all. Studies done in actual inmate facilities have shown that Wintel phones and handsets have a significantly lower replacement rate (by a factor of at least 4-times) than any competing brand. This is important because it means fewer out of service conditions and fewer visits by technicians to repair or replace defective equipment.

Wintel is a division of Independent Technologies, Inc. In addition to telephones and handsets, Independent Technologies is an engineering and design firm that makes a variety of test equipment for telecommunications phone lines and systems. This same engineering expertise is one of the reasons Wintel inmate phone equipment is specifically designed to work in the inmate communications arena.

Wintel equipment works with all of the platforms of the major inmate facility communications systems providers.

Vietnam Era Veteran Owned Business , Independent Technologies, Inc. and associated companies qualify as Vietnam Era Veteran Owned Small Businesses as defined under Section 60-250.4 of Title 41 C.F.R.,