Tall Cord Free

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Tall Cord Free


  • Applications:Drunk Tanks, Holding Cells, Inmate Facilities / Prisons, Police Departments, or any location where a prison official, jail administrator, or police chief prioritizes safety issues above ADA compliance
  • Cord free design
  • Design provides similar privacy to that of a corded handset
  • Built-in user controlled volume “LOUD” button for ADA mandated volume control (user must have control of volume amplification AND volume must reset to normal with hang up to meet ADA requirements).
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge brushed stainless steel provides rugged vandal resistant telephone housing designed for inmate use while maintaining a clean professional look.
  • Vandal-proof ON/OFF switch
  • Built-in instruction card window space
  • Confidencer technology, built into every dial, filters out background noise at the user’s location, allowing better sound to the called party.
  • All-in-one electronic dial features modular incoming line.
  • Heavy chrome metal keypad bezel and¬†buttons withstand abuse and vandalism
  • Has sealed transmitter and receiver caps, suitable for heavy use and abuse locations
  • Pin-in-head security screws minimize tampering.
  • Hearing aid compatible and FCC registered US: 1DATE05BITC-254,¬† IC: 3267A-ITC254


  • Momentary Switch