VPM-1 Visitation Power Module

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VPM-1 Visitation Power Module

VPM-1 Installation Instructions

Terminal Room

  1. Mount VPM-1 with reasonable access to AC outlet.
  2. Connect wires to VPM as shown in drawing.
    • One tip & ring terminal connection can support two or three Wintel visitation kits
    • Visitation kits can be the handset version, network (Rev. 2.3) w/o keypad version and keypad version.
    • Power Supply can power complete Wintel Telephones (equipped with Rev. 2.3 Board).
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each Visitation Set to be installed.
  4. Apply power with included wall transformer.

Visitation Booth

  1. Attach “Tip” to White Wire of both handsets in the set.
  2. Attach “Ring” to Black Wire of both handsets in the set.
  3. Repeat Steps 1-2 for remaining Visitation Sets.


  1. Current:
    • Handset Sets: 28mA (14mA/Handset)
    • Handset Sets: 33mA (11mA/Handset)
  2. Power Supply: 9VDC, 650mA minimum recommended

One power supply can support 14 separate visitation location sets (a set includes both the inmate side and the visitor side) No batteries needed.